Our Company

Started in Calgary in 2009, Wicked Websites Inc. is a small, focused company with an uncompromising attitude.

A little bit about us;

    • We do real, in person consultations and answer phone calls. No support system tickets or canned replies.
    • We currently do not have a central office, but are happy to come to you for consultation, training, and collaboration.
    • We focus on the business and marketing aspects of web design; while still making beautiful websites.
    • We have a unique talent for listening, taking notes, and learning as much about your business as possible so that we can present it on the web for you as effectively as possible. Nobody knows your business better than you.
    • Our name is intended to be edgy and different from every other “X media” company… because we are different. We like to push the boundaries and are sharply focused on what we do – making Wicked Websites.
    • We are uniquely structured. We feel that websites have an effective “shelf life” and also require ongoing attention to be exceptionally effective. Therefore our goal is to create a lasting ongoing partnership with the organizations we work with! Not to just sell [a website].
    • We have an uncompromising, no-surrender attitude when it comes to keeping ourselves & our clients ahead of the competition in the search results – as you can clearly see with a quick look at our company blog or our satellite search engine optimization blog website.