Calgary Web Design SEO Challenge Day #1 – Purpose & Intent

We’ve been busy lately!  By virtue of dedication to business success of our clients and their websites, and obsessing over the details of the sites we manage, and all the important inner workings of the systems in the background and our methodologies; the business has steadily grown since it was conceptualized just over 2 years ago and we’ve never had much of a chance to put any effort into marketing ourselves.  We’ve recently made massive improvements to our hosting system, speed, security, and now we’re working on improving our ability to create amazing results with SEO work and get great rankings for highly competitive terms in the search engines.

With that said, we are currently in an awkward position when it comes to the question of our ability to prove our SEO & overall internet marketing prowess because of the fact that we’ve never put any effort at all into marketing ourselves and this company; and have always been busy from referral work & working to achieve better results for our clients! Also we can’t take all the credit for the success of our client’s websites, especially when they are running other forms of marketing campaigns; nor can we always show off the details of their internet marketing strategy and the coinciding impressive results.

What to do?  How about just going from non-existent to #1 in the search engines for one of the most highly competitive search terms in Canada?  Now that should inspire some confidence and really say something about who we are as a company and what we aspire to for our clients.

So let’s be clear about the objective: This website [] will go from 0 to hero for the search term “Calgary Web Design“.  This is one INCREDIBLY competitive search term, have a look:

The top companies here are well established, 10+ year companies with far more resources at their disposal, larger teams of full-time employees, and long track records with an obvious ton of SEO effort gone into achieving these rankings because there are literally thousands of Calgary Web Development, hosting, and optimization businesses behind them that are also vying for a front page position.

While we won’t get into details of our competitive analysis, various optimization efforts and methods; we will post detailed ranking reports starting next week as soon as we get on the scoreboard and begin our climb up the rankings. With some analysis, intelligent strategic decisions, and a bit of elbow grease & rolling up the sleeves hard work, we think a first page ranking (and perhaps even a #1) is achievable within a few months.

Check back soon for detailed updates on our progress!

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