Calgary Web Design SEO Challenge Day #18 – Progress Update

Just a quick & dirty update to our SEO challenge today with a table showing the state of our rankings:

Search Term Google Ranking Last Update Google Ranking Today Difference
Calgary SEO 22 23 -1
Calgary Web Design 43 44 -1
Calgary Web Development 21 29 -8
Web Design Calgary 60 44 +16
Calgary Internet Marketing Not In Top 100 49 +51

So, what do these somewhat negative looking results actually say?  To us, they are showing a common and expected tendancy for quick and impressive ranking gains to rebound in Google after a concerted SEO effort.  Google’s algorithms are very smart; and big gains in a short time-frame are in a way an indication of something “fishy” and “un-natural” to Google so we tend to find that if we gain too much ground too quickly sometimes it seems as if rankings are arbitrarily scaled back.

Our rankings for the very competitive terms that we have targeted have been scaled back a little bit; but we are still growing aggressively for many other relevant search terms; and we expect to now head into a more steady, progressive and slow growth of our rankings for these highly competitive terms as we head towards the top 10 (and thus the front page of Google)! By taking a much less aggressive approach to SEO, we may have avoided these seemingly arbitrary setbacks, but such is the nature of the beast & attempting such an ambitious goal.

Keep checking back to see our progress, we will continue to post regular updates & commentary!

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