Calgary Web Design SEO Challenge Day #42 – Front Page

Alright!  We’ve finally cracked the front page of Google for one of our most targeted search terms. We had hoped to post this update with several of our targeted terms already on the front page (and for a few days we held #10 for “Calgary Web Designer”) but ended up with just one when it came time to post this update. Still, we’re pretty chuffed with our results… and we’re not done yet!

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Check out the Full PDF Rankings Report for more detail.

The mystery above is the lack of love we have been getting from Yahoo – it makes little sense to us since they’ve adopted the same algorithm as Bing & have apparently integrated their search results with Bing; and Bing seems to like our website just fine!  Our theory at this point in time is that Yahoo is just a bit slower with indexing and/or we’ve offended it’s algorithm somehow… but it should come around with a little patience (and doesn’t matter in the first place since it’s market share is pitiful and isn’t responsible for any traffic anyway).

So once again: 42 days from zero to #4 on Google for “Calgary SEO” ahead of many older, larger companies… and that being kind of a primary term, not exactly “low competition”. Still, there will be no surrender and we aren’t done yet by a long shot… although we hope this serves as an example of what we love to do for our clients the most — and our attitude towards making it happen.

If you’d like us to do the same thing for your business, please give us a call & we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation including a keyword analysis report & rankings report.

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