Calgary Web Design SEO Challenge Day #50 – More Front Page Goodness!

This week, we will let the results do the talking:

(Results from yesterday, Sunday March 4, 2012)

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Check out the Full PDF Rankings Report for more detail.

Even with our rank-tracker program having issues gathering data from yahoo [we are actually doing quite well on Yahoo, also], we still see substantial gains in overall visibility & all our main targeted terms. We also have a bunch of #1 rankings in Google for what are called “long tail” search terms that are relevant now… such as “seo company in calgary”. This is part of our specific strategy, which we won’t go into too much detail about for obvious reasons!

If only we could also brag about our client’s rankings which to be honest we are more excited about right now. We think that by the end of month 2 we should be past the 50% visibility mark & have the majority of our targeted terms on the front page… check back to see our progress!

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