Calgary Web Design SEO Challenge Day #8 – Onwards & Upwards

After running some initial SEO ranking reports shortly after our initial post, it occurred just how difficult of a challenge we’ve set for ourselves for little more than demonstration purposes. After all, our business philosophy is quality over quantity, and our loyalty comes to our existing clients first — so we would certainly would have some trouble with a massive influx of extra business, having to turn down a few potential clients that we’d otherwise like to work with.

That said, we are on the scoreboard for our primary targeted term “Calgary Web Design” and also doing well for a few other terms we are targeting already after a week… and showing huge gains as time goes on.  Here is SEO Rankings Report #1 for this SEO Challenge (PDF). We have seen significant gains in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the term “calgary seo” and have seen great gains in Google for calgary web design, calgary web designer, calgary web development, & web design calgary.

Results speak louder than words, so see for yourself:

It’s worth noting that we have attained these gains using ethical, white-hat methods of SEO & link-building & not using paid links as we’ve discovered much of our competition uses to try to trick Google… We want sustainable rankings that are a reflection of the quality of our website & SEO skills; not to vanish off the search engines entirely some day soon as Google updates the intelligence of it’s ranking algorithms yet again and penalizes yet more sites for not following their webmaster guidelines.

Onwards & upwards! We will be back with another update next week. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not realistic for us to expect to see these kinds of gains regularly & that we certainly don’t expect to continue this rate of progress; nor will we always see green arrows! As other sites also improve their results, as the rankings naturally fluctuate and as Google constantly tweaks things, re-evaluates sites and their algorithms, we expect to see minor up’s and down’s in our progress with a slow but steady growth. With any luck our efforts will continue to appreciate over time like a great investment should.

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