Okay, I need a to get a website up and running, what do I do now? What is the process?

After doing a bit of research and collecting a few materials to help us get started, please contact us to speak with us about your website! Helpful things to have include any text, photos, logos, and other information to begin your website. It’s also good to have a rough conceptual idea of what kind of website and features you are looking for and having some example websites to reference is always helpful. Also having ready some information about your company, products, and services as well as logos and other promotional materials available to help us compliment your existing marketing and get us off to a great start. If you need assistance with any of these materials, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

See also: The Process

How long will it take to get my website online?

This depends completely on features & other factors – but we always include a deadline for draft completion in our proposals. Because we collaborate with you to create a website with an interactive and interlinked presentation of content it can often take longer than “cookie cutter” & “business card” style websites; but we usually have the design pretty close to the final version completed within 4-8 weeks of us starting on your project.

Because we are the type of developer that is so flexible that we’re open to feature requests even after a website draft has been accepted and it’s in the final stages of getting all the content in place & final details taken care of, we appreciate the same flexibility in return when it comes to deadlines and getting the project online. Our goal is (and it should be mutual!) to make the website as great as possible, not to get it online as fast as possible… so we hope you’ll agree with us that it’s worth the time it takes to round up great content, continually revise a draft website & tweak it while adding new features and content, and generally “take the time to do the job right”. An investment in a great website is something that will only appreciate with time!

Can I request a change to any part of the website?

With very few exceptions yes. All of our websites are made with the latest in dynamic web technologies and programming – and even if your website has thousands of pages changing elements site wide can be a snap. Graphics, logos, text, navigational buttons and even some interactive media and formatting can be updated site-wide instantly.

What if I need changes right away?

Many ALL of our packages come with access to a CMS (Content Management System) backend, which allows you to easily log in from any internet-connected computer and make changes to all of the content on your website which is separated from design elements.

Can I increase the size of the website? What if I want to add a bookings system, or other custom programmed feature in the future?

We will do our best to accommodate. We build our sites with the future in mind as much as possible and are always looking to improve on our work and stay ahead of the curve.

While sometimes it’s best to start from scratch with a re-design if you’re wishing to add entirely new functionality to an online website; we can almost always change sites to increase the amount of pages, photos, media, email boxes, features, shopping cart items, etc. We include 1 hour of free updates every month in nearly all of our proposals, and you can contact us for upgrades anytime. For more information, please contact us.

What are your customer service policies?

Our customer service policy is simple. We promise to be courteous, professional, and as timely as possible. We usually respond to emails within 24 hours and extremely rare is it for anyone to not hear back from us within 72 hours. We will also keep our social media up to date with any breaking news should there be any issues to report.

What website packages do you offer and what is included?

See pricing for more details on packages & what’s included here.

Do you have a question that was not found here? If so please contact us. Also many other questions you have may be answered in our Terms and Conditions.