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Feb 07 2013
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We have been busy.

Real busy.

Focusing on the results and churning out project after project without compromise to the attention to detail — but the end of the tunnel is in sight & the business structure is changing.

That said, we wanted to quickly spend time to address speed one more time. Why? Because we are just miles ahead of all of the competition in this area; and it’s one of the more easy-to-define, easy-to-understand and objective areas where we can demonstrate how much better we are than the competition (as opposed to say, design, business impact, SEO, cross-compatibility, coding standards, service level, ease-of-collaboration etc. — which are all much more difficult to pin down).

Here is a site we launched just yesterday, completing speed optimizations and testing today:

Speed Test Results

Pretty standard, right? At a glance this website loads in just under 1 second, and is “faster than 90%” — pretty good.

What isn’t clear to you, the casual observer is that this doesn’t really tell the whole story at all. While that seems superficially fast, the level of the result isn’t really clear because;

  • The website is far, far bigger than most landing pages. 10x bigger than the average — most home pages will range in size from 100kb-300kb, whereas this one is over 1700kb because of all the high quality 1080p HD images, pop out images, and fancy parallax effects & transitions that make it beautiful and attractive.
  • This is not comparing speed to all websites on the internet, but just all other websites tested with this service. Big difference! Most of the websites that are tested tend to be the ones that are highly optimized, and streamlined for speed.

The summary effect is that despite this website being much larger and more media heavy than average, and despite it competing against above-average competition, it’s still incredibly fast. Kind of like making a City Bus faster than a sports car!

Alright, you say: so your websites are fast. So what? Why is speed so important? Do I really lose business over a few milliseconds?

Shockingly: yes. You lose revenue, attention, and credibility by the millisecond on the web.

Here are a few articles to make this point better than I could within the scope of this blog post;

Why You Need A Seriously Fast Website | Copyblogger

Why a Fast Loading Website is Crucial by Openview

The Importance Of a Fast Website – interactone

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