Our Edge – The Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire Us


1. Exceptional Speed & Reliability

We’re obsessed with speed & reliability for our customers. We believe that there should never be any higher priority than reliability; and speed is critical to improve the user experience, build credibility, and exude quality and professionalism.

Want to know more? Check out our Speed & Reliability page.

2. Superior Design Ethos

  • We take a “use what works, dispose of what doesn’t” approach to design; learning and refining as we constantly work to improve the business results for our customers.

  • In order of priority; we aim for websites that are engaging, user-friendly, fast, and professional.

  • We will never compromise user-friendliness, ease of navigation, or speed in our websites for the sake of having the “trendiest” or most unconventional design. We will absolutely get you results; not try to impress you with the flashiest possible design.

Want to know more?  Check out our “Our Process” page or our “Experience Counts” page.

3. Our Websites Are Always Dynamic & Up-To-Date

  • We don’t believe in static websites – they’re old technology, inconvenient for customers, more difficult to update, and therefore tend to be generally less engaging to visitors.

  • All of our sites are built onto a user friendly CMS “Content Management System” of one kind or another; so that they can be easily updated in minutes from any internet connected computer or even a smartphone while going down the road.

  • We encourage all of our customers to at the very least update the website periodically to keep things fresh & up to date; we attempt to keep all our websites fresh & modern with how we structure our agreements.

  • We usually do all updates for our customers, however if our customers are interested in being able to do their updates themselves we will happily provide training & support.

4. We Provide Fantastic Value – Affordably

We don’t charge big up-front fees. In fact, we don’t charge big fees period. We have a unique business model, which emphasizes long term partnership and a realistic approach to on-going marketing on the internet.

Please see our “Unique Business Model” page or our “Pricing” page for more.

5. An Excellent Website Is The Best Advertising Value You Can Get

Google is the #1 service in the world for people looking for new products and services.  Not only can you get a website from us for less than you would probably pay for a small yellow pages ad; but as time goes on more and more people will be searching for their products and services on computers, netbooks, and smartphones — and less and less at other more conventional marketing.

6. Streamline your business with online functionality.

With built in booking systems, e-commerce, forum submissions and other functionality — your website can help you to automate or streamline processes and cut costs — saving you more than it costs while increasing efficiency, automation, accuracy, record-keeping and raising customer satisfaction.

7. The Wicked Websites X Factor

We have that little bit of extra mojo that you just don’t find with other developers… or any freelancer. We’re fiercely motivated, we love our work & we love making our client’s websites embarrass the competition & outrank much larger companies in the search engine rankings.

We do things a little bit differently… and our nearly obsessive-compulsive attention to detail shines through in all our work.

Most importantly, our business is built on ongoing success. If you’re not happy with us, we’re betting you won’t renew your agreement. Our business model exudes confidence and a strong work ethic. It’s in your best interest to let us manage your marketing on the web, because it’s in our best interest to do a great job of it for you… and we do Free Consultations!