Experience Counts!

We’ve learned a few things in the process of growing over the last few years.

1. There are no shortcuts.

If you want to maximize value from your web presence, you need all the details to be just right. Having all the details just right creates a synthesis that leads to your website inspiring confidence and trust; having an emotional impact that leads to a high rate of action. This combined with all the tricky details of cross-compatibility with all modern browsers, operating systems, and now even mobile devices like an iPhone — and all the details involved with optimizing the site to get lots of traffic — there just aren’t any shortcuts. It’s a lot of work to get the formula right — and you have to do things in a certain order from conceptualization and brainstorming through to making updates and additions a month after the launch of the new website. We’ve refined our process, which you can read about here.

2. Too much flash and panache is worse than none at all.

Often times, we have found that websites are often hindered by overuse of flash and graphics; which not only slows loading times but also holds back the website from working properly on older computers and mobile devices. Clean, crisp business-like presentation with careful use of graphics and media usually works much better. Often, time spent “beautifying” things ends up being counter productive and could be better spent adding functionality, refining existing elements, or adding new features. You will notice that even our most media-heavy websites tend to work in every browser; and on older computers, and even on many smartphones and mobile devices!

3. Content is king.

While many businesses assume that they don’t really need an oft-updated, high traffic, feature-full website where a “business card” style one will suffice; we still find that as time goes on more and more people do their research for products and services online and appreciate the effort put into the content and details on a business website – regardless of the business.

We take the time to learn about your business and brainstorm ways to present what makes you different; and ways to use the web to connect with your customer base regardless of what your business is. Whether you are trying to impress potential investors or trying to sell big ticket items online — an investment in content creation for your business web site will only appreciate as time goes on.