Our Unique Business Model

Let’s get this out of the way: The old “purchase a website” model is out-dated and ineffective in the current internet era, and is disadvantageous for everyone except a freelancer.

Things change fast on the internet. If you want your company to remain competitive & stay ahead of the curve you have to consider that your website needs a fresh design every 3-4 years or so, and it needs on-going input on a regular (monthly at least) basis to keep engaging visitors and bringing in new business with integrated social networking, email marketing, and fresh content & promotions on the website.
Reasons why the “purchase a website” model is out-dated:
  • Exceptionally successful websites are custom-made. This takes very many man hours, coordination on the part of numerous people, and often stressful migrations & settings changes during working periods to avoid significant downtime & wasted resources. This is expensive, many businesses don’t have thousands of dollars cash to pay for this work upfront to get the standard of service necessary to take their business to the next level.
  • Google’s Rankings are affected by what Google calls the “freshness” factor of your page, meaning that it’s automatically advantageous to have a website with dynamic elements, integrated twitter feeds, and regular updates to keep things “fresh”.
  • Using your website effectively doesn’t just mean having a product list and a “contact us” form anymore. It means engaging with your customers and connecting with them, letting them connect with you via Email, Twitter and Facebook – and keeping them informed with these tools as to what is going on with the business and it’s events, promotions, new products and services, awards, etc. This takes some ongoing management to do well & cohesively!
  • When you need service, it’s good to be working with a company that’s based on a model of on-going service and partnership, and NOT to be working with a company that’s based on a model of “sell a website to customer X, move on and focus on customer Z”.

So what’s our solution? Simple: Reasonable monthly fees for exceptional internet marketing.

In short, we accept the reality that most other web companies like to shove under the rug — that things change fast on the internet. We accept the reality that exceptional results require on-going input & management. We accept the reality that great service means growing slowly & caring for our clients, forming long lasting partnerships instead of just selling a product.
We believe that websites have a shelf life; so we seek to create a long term partnership with your organization and build in a cycle of renewal where-by at the end of our agreement we will get together again and speak about an overhaul of your website to keep it cutting edge.
You get included monthly updates, better service, and no large upfront investment. We require a 6 month deposit and fees don’t kick in until your website is finished, online and launched. No setup or hidden fees – just a fresher, more effective website and a more realistic way of a company approaching the reality of marketing on the web.