Wicked Marketing

Marketing a business via the internet well is not as easy as most developers, and most self proclaimed “SEO Experts” seem to think it is.

It takes a combination of entrepreneurial understanding combined with the technical skill and design talent that when put together create a synthesis that results in immediately engaging websites that help present your business in a way that’s instantly attractive and interesting. Creating this synthesis is what we specialize in.

There are many web developers out there who can make you a beautiful looking home page. Similarly, there are talented writers out there who can effectively present the essence of your business when writing articles representing you. We work hard with you — taking the time to understand your business as much as possible and taking notes on all the little details. We work collaboratively with you to generate the articles and other content that inherently amounts to your business’s “value proposition” so that we can present it in an interconnected way that is interesting and engaging, leading your prospects to browse through your site while inspiring confidence. Here are some of the things we focus on in both aspects;

    • Excellent Technical Design – Programming Excellence & Rigorous Testing
    • Reliable Standards – CMS / Hosting / Redundancy / Backup
    • Highly Dynamic & Visual Presentation of Content
    • Cross-compatibility & Ease of Navigation
    • Strong Passive (SEO) & Active (PPC) Marketing To Drive Traffic
    • Engaging Breakdown of Content and Key Points
    • Custom Graphics Thematically Relating to Your Business
    • Functionality and Features that Connect You With Your Customers & Keep Them Coming Back For More
    • Highly Interlinked Content That Ties Your Value Proposition Together

Put these things together and you can expect to get real results. Most websites never even aspire to this higher plane of existence. Most developers will more or less ask you what pages you would like, what text you would like for the home page and “about us” page, some info on the services and plop your website online… Not good enough!

However, even having a website that presents the essence of your business in stylish fashion and converts visitors to customers is only half the battle. You need to get some traffic to your website!

What is so important about these three letters “S-E-O”? “SEO” is an industry buzz word which means “Search Engine Optimization”. The basics aren’t really that difficult and even basic search engine optimization can help a website’s results immensely — and therefore the market of self proclaimed “SEO Experts” is absolutely flooded. There are a million tricks, details, strategies, and conflicting “opinions” on the ideal way to perform SEO…

That’s why we let our results speak for themselves. Our clients simply can’t believe the amount of organic (from search engines and other listings) traffic that they receive which is the kind of traffic that actually creates new leads for your business — the kind that connects you to prospects searching for YOU. We are authorized by several of our clients to show off their traffic statistics — if you’d like to see for yourself, we invite you to ask us to “prove it“.

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