Our Process

  • Sit down and discuss your vision for the project (or have a Skype or Phone meeting if it’s more convenient).
  • Have a look at any pictures, logos, outlines, text, example websites, and other source materials you can provide to help us stay true to your vision. Review any sources of inspiration and features that you have seen that you would like. Brainstorm ideas and go over potential content and features. Take lots of notes and start to build a preliminary page-list and feature-list.
  • Discuss desired features and rough estimate of pricing. Check availability of domains and secure any that may be needed.
  • Submission of formal project proposal to you a few days later. This includes any necessary logos and rough layout/design mock-ups and outlines, detailed list of features and options, and a monthly cost estimate, list of required materials from you, and a deadline for draft completion.
  • Approval of proposal. Agreement is signed and deposit is paid.
  • Project is developed. Average development times range from 4-12 weeks. Meeting is scheduled to review completed design draft for critique, revisions, and any additions. Sometimes this step can repeat itself in cases of very complex projects.
  • Upon completion of any necessary revisions, project goes live and is hosted. At this time monthly fees commence and basic SEO is completed as well as any SEO / Active Marketing packages are commenced.
  • Meeting is scheduled to review the finished website and provide the included tutorial on all features. This includes usage of email systems, content management basic tutorial & setup of bookmarks to access documentation and logins, and any custom features.
  • Success! But just to make sure, we will follow up with you periodically; and still provide you with great service and timely replies to any requests for information or assistance!

These are only our guidelines, but we find that if we try to stick to them as much as possible that they improve our chances of having exceptional results; and lead to a proper management of expectations, clear accountability, quality assurance and an effective workflow.