Have you noticed that very few established custom web developers post anything about pricing upfront?  We put it to you: why do you think that is?

We think it’s appropriate for any service based business to be upfront about pricing. Although every business and website is unique in its design, features, and marketing efforts – here’s a rough overview of what you can expect from us granted different budgets to work with:

Guideline for Our Prices for Website & On-site SEO

$110/month (4 year term) or $5000:

Our Typically Fast, Great Looking, & Functional Custom Design w/ Content Management System Backend – No extensive custom programmed features or graphics.

$170/month (4 year term) or $8000:

Our Typically Fast, Great Looking, & Functional Custom Design w/ Content Management System Backend – Custom features, social media integration & management, extensive custom graphics.

$200/month (4 year term) or $10,000 and up:

Our Typically Fast, Great Looking, & Functional Custom Design w/ Content Management System Backend – Custom features (such as inventory & bookings systems, e-commerce, etc.), social media integration & management, extensive custom graphics, extensive custom formatting of mass amounts of content.  Often also includes custom reliability features like DNS fail-over & redundant hosting, custom business email setup, included logo design, included PPC management & extensive on-site SEO work.

Please note: These prices aren’t just for a website “and good luck” — they include our exceptionally fast & reliable hosting, included professional updates (up to 1 hour per month), our great training & documentation, and our great service & support.

External (Active / Off-site) SEO Pricing

Pricing for active on-going SEO services is a bit more difficult for us to be up-front about because the amount of work involved, strategy, and competition vary very widely by website & business depending on a great number of factors. However, we offer a Free Consultation including a free Keyword Analysis Report & Competitive Analysis.

Our free consultation includes;

  • An overview of what we can do; how we approach the tasks involved; and collaborative brainstorming of relevant keywords & search terms with you.
  • We do what our competitors charge significant $ for – for free. Following a consultation, we are happy to provide you a free preliminary rankings report & keyword research report, in some cases we also include a free competitive analysis report. Along with these reports we include our proposal for SEO services with multiple pricing options. Even if you don’t hire us to do the work; you can use the research we provide you to see the “sweet spot” terms to target your efforts towards for maximum effect. Our SEO research reports combined with our included proposal will help you to target the keywords that will result in the most targeted traffic to your website for the least $ put into SEO work.

Some more information;

  • For even the most basic website, we recommend a minimum $50/month budget for active promotion of the website. Having a great website with great on-site optimization is a great first step; but most of that investment is wasted without also having great search engine rankings for key relevant search terms to drive targeted traffic to the site to capitalize on the investment.  A modest budget put towards on-going link-building & active SEO can go a long way towards great search engine rankings & thus lots of targeted traffic to your website and is an important part of a balanced approach to marketing your website. This is critical if you want your website to be more than what is effectively just a very fancy online business card!
  • Before starting SEO work we use powerful data-mining & analysis tools to do extensive competitive analysis to find out exactly what your competition for a given search term is doing to achieve their #1 spot. This allows us to quite accurately surmise how much effort (time and $) will be involved to usurp them & also increases our efficiency in doing just that by serving as a blueprint for us to emulate their strategy and build on it. What this means for you is that we can more efficiently target terms that are realistic for your budget, ignore the ones that aren’t — as well as more efficiently doing link-building & optimizations for a given term… thus maximizing your investment as much as possible.

Misc Services

Happy with your website & rankings, but want faster hosting?
Happy with your website & rankings, but want more responsive management for updates & support?

We’re open to the idea of helping out — but aren’t big fans of fixing other developer’s mistakes (we like to do things the right way from the ground up)! Therefore we offer these services by consultation only.

With every project we undertake, we provide a proposal outlining everything in detail from the get go & always include pricing options that are down to earth.  Contact us for a free consultation and proposal.