There are many myths & misconceptions out there about SEO.

1. It *isn’t* too complex to understand or explain how it’s done properly.

Although we usually won’t try to explain SEO to our clients unless they ask first, the fundamentals are pretty clear and undeniable;

    • Make your website clean, easy to navigate, and relevant to your subject.
    • Make your website fast, properly coded to existing web standards, and elements optimized where possible.
    • Don’t use spam techniques.
    • Have some great, relevant, useful, and original content that’s well presented.
    • Build links back to your site by spreading this content around the web and it being referenced naturally over time.
    • Keep your website updated regularly with fresh content as much as possible, and continually improve it as the internet evolves.

That’s it, really! While Google’s algorithms may be some of the most complex in the world and orders of magnitude more complex than just about anything else as oft-used on earth, the basics of SEO aren’t that complicated — build the reputation of your website and when you’re already the “authority”, then Google will rank you as such — it’s just that simple. There are many factors that are more difficult or impossible to control like the age of your website, the relevant keywords in your domain name, and to some extent how other SEO firms employ dubious tactics like outsourced link-spamming and purchasing tons of back-links… we think that by and large the best way to build your business online is by doing it earnestly, genuinely, and progressively. Kind of like how that’s the best way to build a business in the real world, also!

2. Rankings *can not* be guaranteed.

Any company that says that they “guarantee” rankings should be a great cause for concern;

    • Rankings change every day, and many get personalized rankings now!
    • Google & others make substantial changes to their algorithms regularly, and often those very changes are targeted to identify & punish the “black hat” style SEO techniques that shady providers use to “guarantee” their clients rankings — sending those unfortunate clients from sitting pretty to invisible overnight.
    • Google plainly says that there are no SEO experts that can guarantee #1 rankings in their search engine.
    • Like a real world business; building credibility, reputation, and stature does & should take some time. Although it sometimes may not seem like it, it’s always better to focus on building and optimizing your site & content for long term stable success and growth rather than trying to fire to the top of the rankings overnight.

All that to say, that as a highly motivated and fiercely competitive company we would love to be able to guarantee our clients great rankings! However, we temper our enthusiasm with a pragmatic & realistic approach to improving our client’s results over time. We don’t guarantee any rankings, we guarantee a substantial improvement in your overall internet marketing results!  Of course, we like to brag about the #1 rankings our clients often do receive for many great (and impressively short & competitive) terms with Google over at our results section.

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