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The last few months have been difficult as pertains to our hosting situation. From bad luck with hardware failures recently to some of our clients being heavily attacked with constant daily hacking attempts to email, web, and attempts to bring down the server with DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks; we’ve had a rough go of trying to keep all of our client’s websites 100% fast, reliable, and secure.

But we have learned lots and evolved & adapted to the challenge. In March, we migrated our main front-end server to a yet-again more powerful dual processor server with LiquidWeb (liquidweb.com).  Why Liquid Web?  They host gigantic forums like webhostingtalk.com & many others, and have the reputation as being some of the best in the business when it comes to pro-active server management. They stay on-top of hardware & security maintenance completely, freeing us up to take better care of our clients. They also have extensive experience in scalable hosting & in dealing with various kinds of attacks — enabling us to still do our own tweaking & optimizations to our hosting infrastructure while having full support for the types of issues that require specialized experience in hosting to handle.

We’ve noticed since the upgrade in hosting that many of our client sites are loading even faster than they were at best on the old server.  Here are some performance test results we have observed:

It would be generous to call our own website (wickedwebsites.ca) bloated and media heavy. To be honest, it’s super-bloated and media-heavy! Never the less, here are the results from Pingdom Website Speed Tests:

WickedWebsites.ca Speed Test Results:

March 29 16:50:44 2.00 s 2.7 MB 101 65
March 29 16:29:25 2.17 s 2.7 MB 101 65
March 24 00:56:59 4.12 s 2.7 MB 101 65
October 26 06:53:26 4.92 s 2.4 MB 65 77
October 26 06:46:03 5.08 s 2.1 MB 65 69

So we have taken the loading time of our own website & cut it in less than half with the recent upgrades in hardware & bandwidth alone — and we’re still improving with more optimizations to the site & hosting infrastructure itself!

Here is another result from another extremely media heavy website, envisionauto.com :

EnvisionAuto.com Speed Test Results:

March 29 16:14:16 2.04 s 1.7 MB 162 86
October 26 06:53:44 3.21 s 1.8 MB 150 86
October 26 03:50:55 3.28 s 1.8 MB 149 92

Once again, showing an improvement of almost 1.5x from hardware upgrades alone.  So how do our streamlined, not so media heavy websites do?  Check out our results from ExcelSalesConsulting.com :

ExcelSalesConsulting.com Speed Test Results:

March 29 16:59:26 629 ms 441.7 kB 63 87
October 26 04:09:45 1.63 s 394.4 kB 63 94

An already fast website that used to load in 1.63 seconds loading to completion in 0.6 SECONDS from the original request!

We’re proud of the improvements to our hosting infrastructure, happy with our changes, and think it was worth the bit of downtime only a couple of our clients noticed to make it happen. We hope you’re enjoying your exceptionally fast websites!

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