Why Great Original Content Is Still King In Online Marketing

There is no substitute for great & original content on your website if you want to be successful. But why?


1. Original content builds credibility with your site’s visitors.

Maybe you have some lame, unoriginal copy on your website, or a bunch of stock photos they’ve also seen on your competitors website.  Perhaps you have a few generic pictures related to your business but no original and truly worthwhile media (pictures and videos). Perhaps you thought you don’t really need to bother with blogging or social media, or newsletters & creating new content for your website on a regular basis.

If this is you, then your competitors have a gigantic leg on up on you. If they do this & you don’t, then you are not going to come across as very credible, unique, or interesting. Regardless of how experienced you are, or how long you’ve been in business, or whatever else you do. It’s important to use your website to let people know “what’s going on”, why you’re different, and make a great presentation with your own video & imagery — otherwise all your website really amounts to is a very fancy, overpriced business card.

We can help!

2. Original content is critical for SEO.

If Google doesn’t think your content on your website is original, your website will be more or less ignored and be completely left out of the rankings.

Not only that, but you need some great content to prove your experience, skill & knowledge in a given field and to allow for the search engines to see your original content filled with the keywords that relate to your business.

Finally & perhaps most importantly, without original & interesting content; your web design doesn’t matter & no one will have any reason to share it with anyone else, building critical back-links that raise the authority of your website on the internet. A great web developer &/or copywriter can help you to do this.

3. First Impressions Are Critical For Developing Customer Relationships

A great web design firm will help you to craft your marketing copy carefully so that you create a good first impression — getting across your value proposition while simultaneously creating a positive, credible impression and inspiring interest.

However it doesn’t matter how great your design, presentation, reputation, & portfolio is if your website doesn’t interest anyone that finds it to purchase your products or services. That’s one of the main reasons it is so critical to spend the time to write your own content carefully, and to continue to produce your own relevant content for your pages, blogs, and social media. This is a key to building your online marketing presence.

Client’s always ask me: “How do I get tons of new business from Google?”. Well, we can certainly help you to put your best foot forward, but at the end of the day it comes down to putting in a considerable amount of effort to translate your business and everything anyone would want to know about it to the web. Of course, having a great developer that really understands marketing, and is willing to take the time to try to get to know your business sure helps!

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